Gatherer Update
  • please tell me you guys are all over this..
    IMO next to Auctioneer.. the best Add on for the game

    gonna be lost without it for sure
  • I'm working on it, but no promises on an ETA.
  • that is GREAT NEWS!!!
  • The code in svn trunk should work in WoW 6.0.x (I've been using it on beta).
    But we're having some issues trying to wrap it up for a release.
  • guys help i am 48 years old playing wow for the past year patch came through and gatherer addon not working properly pls help
  • pls someone answer my mess so i could get my spirits up i need my gatherer
  • he did answer he is working on it.. but does not have a time frame yet..
  • H, is the svn reprository public access so we can check out the current version manually if we want to? Looked around and only found the fisheye that lets you view source of files manually but that might take a while :/
  • yes, is available for public access (read only)
  • Nodes on the minimap doesn't appear with the latest SVN version :-/
    (I used this trunk : )
  • awesome , thanks.
  • I wonder why Gatherer can't like Auctioneer/Informant/Enchantrix, users can get package from the latest SVN trunk as alpha/beta version etc, I know use the SVN tool can get all latest ones but it's not convenience...

    Just curious. :p
  • We have to build those preview versions manually. Honestly, Esamynn doesn't have much time these days, so the preview builds just don't get made for him - when something needs fixing, he and ccox fix it, then put out a new release version. So you wouldn't really get much extra even if he did push out a preview build.

  • And just for the record, there is a 6.0.2 compatible version now available here, at CG, and at WoWI.
  • Yeah, I know, already got v4.4.2 and it works fine.(Checks Gatherer's site everyday for waiting the new version coming out...) I just think since the compatible version (4.4.2) wasn't released as soon as like Auctionner-series addons, and want to ask about that. :|
  • New patch has a few issues, but in general works for a player.

    The issue I'm having, as reported by others, is that you can no longer share gatherer DBs through the Gatherer Reportables page, as you used to be able to. You can start the process, the word "Beginning" is printed, but then it never progresses.

    Keep up the good work, and please let us know when the next fixed are available!!

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