Beancounter no longer collecting data
  • With AuctioneerSuite 5.21a, BeanCounter seems to no longer be scanning my mailbox. I open my mailbox and the messages all remain unread and no data shows up in Beancounter, even after I start removing things. Any idea what the problem might be? I don't seem to be getting any error messages and I tried disabling all of my other addons except for Auctioneer with no luck. I also ran BeanCounter's database validator and it passed the integrity check.
  • Try

    Actually, I'd expect you have been getting lua errors from 5.21a, so check you have Swatter installed and enabled.
  • same problem here ... anyone can help us ?
  • Same issue.

    Oddly tho, for a session yesterday, it did run properly and I didn't make any modifications to the addon or my setup. (I have listings for items I bought and sold on Oct. 17.)
  • Same here, not counting any beans.
    No Lua errors. Swatter installed and enabled.
    Will check 5.21b version tonight.
  • I tried 5.21b also with the same results. Also, I checked my mailbox on an alt and it looks like BeanCounter is counting auctions that expired before October 14th but nothing that expired after the patch.

    I checked Swatter and, like Smuggl, I don't seem to be getting any Lua errors.
  • I checked b-Version last night. The beancounter seems to be working now. I did not make any changes to the config, so I assume the issue is code related.
    But I noticed that the GetAll Scan crashes the game and sends me back to the char select screen. It seems that it is related to the time when ScanData gets loaded. Normal scan runs fine w/o crash.
    When I start a GetAll right after entering the game, ScanData gets loaded during scan run -> crash.
    When I hover over an item after entering the game, ScanData gets loaded. When I now start a GetAll scan it runs fine without crashing, because ScanData is already pre-loaded to memory.
    For a test I reverted back to the a-Version: GetAll works fine at any time, but beancounter doesn't.

    For me the GetAll crahs is a minor problem, as there is a workaround (pre-loading ScanData) or an alternative option (normal scan), but a working beancounter is very important to me. So I stick with the b-version for now.
  • Hmm. Actually, the b version seems to be working for me too. I could have sworn that I already tried that. Must have copied it to the wrong place or something.
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