Changing width of columns
  • Hey,

    I changed width of some columns in search UI a while ago to match my prefferences (dont need seller name and some other stuff too). But recently i found out that i cant change width anymore. Was trying to change width in EnchantMats to see reason to bid or to buyout. Today when i logged in all columns went back to its original size. So i cant see the one that i need the most - bid and buy/each. Need to side scroll for it and it takes ages when trying to buy multiple items. Clicking in between colums doesn't work at all. Its like auctioneer not even reacting to click (vertical bar is flashing on mouse over and after clicking but as i move its width it goes of and whole column isnt resizing at all).

    This one is mostly for SearchUI but it seems other modules has this issue aswell. In beancounter for example tooltip says alt+right click to resize. It doesnt work either.

    Dunno if i messed up sth in settings or its a bug but please help me with that.

    Also would be great to have possibility to change orders of columns just by dragging around its headers.
  • Resizing the column sizes doesn't seem to be working. We'll have to look into it.

    You can change the order of the columns. right click and hold on a column header, and then drag along the header row to where you want it, then let go and the column will move there.
  • lol, beancounter had it in its tooltip. Saddly it mostly went about appraiser and search which doesnt have these. Tried leftclicking them :D

    Thanks for help :P
  • I came here to report this myself, as well as the fact that I believe SearchUI decided to crash me to desktop? I, in desperation, clicked down both left and right mouse buttons in the gap between two columns, and the game froze and crashed to desktop within 3 seconds.
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