Gatherer - not marking the nodes
  • Hi,

    I am having a strange issue and do not know how to fix it.
    I was playing wow, gathering herbs, when the game crashed... after that, I missed the last nodes I was gathering, and pretty much any mark in the minimap and in the main map. I exited the game again, re logged, re set everything, to not avail.
    So, I uninstalled it with curse client, and deleted all saved variables... reinstalled gatherer, and started farming... again same issue no new nodes I was gathering were shown either in the minmap or the main map.
    I don't mind loosing what I had before, but I need to fix it and I do not know how.
    Anybody can help me out?
  • I discovered, that Gatherer seems to have problems with some areas, like Nagrand or Shadowmoon Valley, not recording any new nodes and/or displaying them on the mini map/main map. It does not send out a recording message to group/guild either when collecting ore, herbs or archaeological artifacts there. But it still displays nodes correctly that have been recorded pre 6.0.2. As per some comments on Curse it seems that there are other areas affected as well, but I could only confirm BC-areas listed above. Eastern Plaquelands for example work well. Maybe there is a problem with the ID of the area?
  • The thing is... I was in Deepholm, and it was recording my nodes quite well... I had no issues at all. That was until the game crashed... when I logged back in the game, the recently nodes were missing, so I left the game again and logged back in, and those nodes were still missing.... and any new nodes I was gathering right there, were not being recorded either... so, I thought something was missconfigured or perhaps the file was somehow corrupt... so what I did, was to uninstall it, made sure that all saved variables were deleted... and then I re install it... and no new nodes were recorded. So, just because a game crash gatherer stopped working, I am not sure is the same issue you are describing...
  • My Gatherer doesn't recording new ore nodes in Timeless Isle but still showed nodes were recorded on 5.4, I'm not sure if it was working on 6.0.2 but as now (6.0.3), it's not recording my new nodes on Timeless Isle for sure. :\
  • I'm on a lvl 70 toon and the mining nodes in Nagrand and Shadowmoon Valley do not get recorded. In durotar, zangermarsh, Terokkar Forest, Blades Edge Mountain, and Netherstorm the addon works as it should.
    The name of SMV appears as "Shadowmoon Valley (Outland)" when the chat channels change.
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