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  • I'm pretty new to auctioneer and I was wondering if there was a feature to basically tell the addon to "buy X of material Y with a maximum cost of Z per unit" because I need materials for items on the scale of a few thousand and I can't do that by hand. Also, can auctioneer display how many units of a material there are under the price of X ? I mean it's pointless to try and buy 2000 of something under a certain price unless there actually are 2000 available for that price.
  • You can set up a snatch search for your specific item(s), then do a purchase all on them to automate buying them (though you will still have to click to confirm each purchase, this is a wow requirement). But it won't have the smarts to only buy if 2000 are available, and it won't stop buying once you reach 2000. You'd have to keep count yourself.
  • Is this still possible in the latest version? I cannot find it.
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