SearchUI scans all the time
  • Hello.
    When I'm using the SearchUi and queuing up buys/bids it sometimes starts scanning auctions before showing the confirm button.
    For example I press buy on several items then it starts scanning and at (example) page 19 of 22 it suddenly shows the button, and before the next one it starts again from 1 and goes to 18 and then the confirm shows up.
    I don't think it has been behaving like this before.
    It's quite irritating and it can take several minutes to buy 5 auctions while before it took maybe 15 seconds.

    Is this a intentional behaviour or something wierd?
  • I've been noticing this recently too. From looking at what CoreBuy is doing, it doesn't seem to be doing anything incorrectly.

    However I've noticed that sometimes the Client's AuctionHouse data suddenly changes while CoreBuy is in the middle of looking - sometimes you will see a Buy Prompt pop up and then almost immediately vanish, and sometimes you will even get "item not found" errors when you bid.

    The new scans appear to be triggered when CoreBuy realizes it has lost track of where an auction is - normally this might be the sensible action, but when there are 20+ pages and the auction you want is near the end it does get irritating.

    It's probably happening due to server lag - for now we'll wait and see if the servers improve, but if it contines I'll look at it again when I get time.
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