Preview 5.19
  • An FYI - Seems that the download file for v5.19 is using old files. is loading from the 5.19 link, while is loading from the 5.18 link. I'm sure this is why my Babylon is not loading. I'll revert to the Stable version.
  • Reverting back did solve my problem.
  • That's because 5.19 is out yet, the number in the link was updated but the files have not been yet. Please always check both the version number and the release date on files before downloading to be sure you have the latest one.

    It is fairly common to have a new release and no new preview around a new patch as the devs work to push a stable release out fast rather than letting it sit in alpha.
  • Even so, in general we would fix that so the preview link didn't give you an older version. I'll try to get that corrected soon.
  • As of now, problem is not fixed.
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