How to get wowuction data to auctioneer
  • Well i have found this addon wich should import wowuction data to auctioneer but i don't think it does it is there any other way to get data from an online source , because on my realm a full scan takes around 2 hours and that.s too much for me
  • I haven't tried that AddOn, but I see it has detailed setup instructions, so make sure you've followed them without any problems. Make sure you have TradeSkillMaster_WoWuction installed as well!

    Also it sounds like it should have a config tab in Auctioneer's Config, so try playing with the settings there.

    Another AddOn I haven't tried is - it's listed as 'inactive' but should still work with I think?
  • TUJ stat addon no longer works, either because TUJ is a bit different now since it died and resurrected, or most likely because that third party stat plugin was created before you guys made your internal stat API. If you install all three, nothing shows up in the money fields when you select that stat. The odds of the author that made the stat addon coming back are slim. It would really be awesome if you picked it up and included it as a base stat addon like you do with wowecon. At this point, either another author comes up with another stat plugin, Erorus (author of TUJ and Wowhead's price stats) includes stat functionality for Auctioneer, or you guys pickup the plugin to read TUJ's stats.

    I have weak basic knowledge of lua, enough to have made minor modifications in the past for customization and patches. The comments in TUJ's main file seem simple enough to understand a bit, but I honestly feel overwhelmed by your guys' CoreAPI.lua file. I don't know where to begin to "fix" the TUJ stat module.
  • if you're in europe, TUJ europe's server suffered a harddrive crash recently and they lost the statistics from the site... from what i know you use the site to download some statistics snapshots for addon use regularly, the same way that wowuction works.

    Probably thats why TUJ addon is currently not working. They are working on it.
  • No no, the stat addon/plugin, not TUJ itself. TUJ has some hooks in it to provide other addons with data, but its only use is tooltip data. As I posted, it would be nice if the Actioneer team included the stat hooks like it does with wowecon since the author of the third party stat plugin, which was the bridge between TUJ and Auctioneer, is inactive.
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