AutoMagic - unusable bop items are not recognized
  • Auctioneer version: 5.21c.5521

    Currently AutoMagic is not able to detect unusable bop items if I activate the corresponding option.

    After some testings in the source code (all other addons are disabled), I found out that the function lib.cannotUse() operates upon the wrong text elements of the item tooltip (maybe because the element order was changed in a wow build).

    This can be fixed easily if you change the lines 326-329 in Core.lua to:

    local ScanTip2 = AppraiserTipTextLeft3
    local ScanTip3 = AppraiserTipTextLeft4
    local ScanTipRight2 = AppraiserTipTextRight3
    local ScanTipRight3 = AppraiserTipTextRight4
  • Yes, this needs a jira ticket to be fixed.

    Line 2 appears to now be permanently occupied by "Item Level X" - this didn't originally exist, and for a while I think it was optional.

    One thought is that we may need to check even more lines in the tooltip, as certain things ("Heroic", "Unique-Equipped", Colourblind mode, and possibly others) can push it down even further.
  • I don't mean to offend if I necro this thread, but I appear to be experiencing this issue. The ticket appears to be still open as well.

    Specifically, I'm farming old raids for achievements and transmogs. I'm often picking up lots of gear that I cannot use, and I would like to have automagic sell it for me to cut down on my vendor time and inventory tetris.

    Much appreciated!
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