Is it possible to tell Auctioneer to use Standard Dev only if its confidence is past a set point?
  • I prefer to use Histogram/StdDev for my appraiser and then the market value in secondary, I switched to Standard Deviation today after Histogram sort of told me to sell a 600g item for 30g, it's all good, user error I am sure. This is not about that, so back to my point:
    Now that I am using Standard Deviation, which is in my opinion reliable and my prefered method of valuation, I am seeing some items being appraised more than they actually should be, like 100g more give-or-take. The thing these items have in common is that their Standard Deviation confidence is low, most are lesser .5 confident.

    Can I somehow tell Auctioneer to only use Standard Deviation when the confidence isn't very high? I'm contemplating just going back to Market Price and disabling a few modules that I don't like.

    I appreciate any help I can get.
    Thanks for Auctioneer! :)
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