Enchantrix / "Disenchant" search returns no results
  • So I just re-acquired Auctioneer after a long absence from WoW. I'm very interested in using the Search / Disenchant feature to pick up disenchantable items for a profit, but here's the problem--when I perform this search, no results are returned--ever.

    I've done a GetAll scan. I've double-checked my search parameters (tried several as recommended by other users). Eventually I uninstalled Auctioneer, deleted ALL my saved variables files, and re-installed. Still nothing. What am I not doing correctly / what else can I try?
  • EDIT: I've just noticed that "Milling" doesn't return any results either. Every other search category returns results just fine.
  • if you don't have enchanting / inscription / jewelcrafting as a profession on that toon the corresponding searcher module will not work UNLESS you tick the checkbox to use custom min/max levels and set the sliders accordingly.

    not having a profession = level zero in that particular profession as far as the searcher is concerned.

    since disenchanting / milling / prospecting ore requires at least level 1 => you won't see stuff you can't use
  • what they need to do is put in a separate module for enchanting/inscription/jewel crafting/mining so they can use a sub module to read the Constants then they can use their own tab that look similar: sliders/boxes for prices, bid/buy requests, profit, etc.
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