Connected (Virtual) Realms Technical Discussion
  • Opening a general discussion for how Auctioneer should handle connected realms.

    So far it appears that connected realms do not actually break Auctioneer (phew).

    However there are still a couple of things to look into:

    Auctioneer treats each sub-realm of a connected realm as being separate. I.e. if you have alts on both realms using Auctioneer, they will not combine scanning info, and would only be able to access each other's info via the very few 'Arbitrage' type functions.

    Looks like we can detect if we are on a connected realm using API GetAutoCompleteRealms() - returns a table containing a list of all the realms that are connected (returns nil for non-connected realms).

    GetAuctionItemInfo got some extra returns in 5.4, which appear to be related to connected realms. We currently strip them out and ignore them, but could we do something with them?
  • We want to arrange it so that the serverKeys for all the subrealms of a connected realm access the same data in our save files.

    We need a lookup function that will alias each of those serverKeys to a single key.

    1) Pick one of the realms and alias the other realms to its serverKey.
    e.g pick the first realm the user creates data on?

    2) Generate a unique name and alias all the realms to it
    serverKeys are sometimes printed, so needs to be human-readable (i.e. no random strings or unprintable characters).
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