Auctioneer - "..not posted. Unable to place item with USED CHARGES.
  • When I try to use Auctioneer to post the glyph "GLYPH OF BORROWED TIME" which is in 5x stack, but to be split to 1 per post, i get the message

    [5* Glyph of Borrowed Time Not posted. Unable to place item in the Action slot (You cannot auction an item with used charges]

    If I try to split the stack in the bags this happens:

    Mr Boof.
  • Other glyphs work fine.
  • Thanks for the screenshots, very informative!

    The first is an error from client - note the "You cannot auction an item with used charges" text in the top-middle of the screen, the popup is just reiterating that message.
    As that particular item doesn't have charges, it must be a bug in the game itself.

    The second is also a problem with the Client - it's telling Auctioneer that you don't have 5 of that item, while you clearly do! Something similar has been reported before.
    I might be able to work round this, i.e. by ignoring the 'proper' count from the client and using our own count of the number of items.
    However as I can't reproduce this problem, I can't test any workarounds to see if they really work.
  • that glyph has a known bug and it only involves glyphs that were created before patch 6.0 went live. Either open a ticket to have it replaced or just destroy it and make another one.
  • Thanks for that info, A_Tom.
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