please allow negative numbers in the profit column in SearchUI
  • seeing that you're tweaking auctioneer these days... can you please fix SearchUI and allow negative numbers in the profit column? (and show them with a red color too)

    currently it can only show positive numbers and it squeezes any negative numbers to fit in the interval +[0g0s01c ... 0g99s99c]

    it's easy to see this problem: go in the Search tab, open the general searcher and search for something, then sort by percentage in decreasing order, high percentages at top... you'll see a TON of products with absurdly high percentages, shown in bloody red color, but the estimated profit displayed for these is still positive.
  • The formatting comes from Configator's ScrollSheet.lua, the 'coins' function ~line 76.

    Should be possible to insert a red '-', or wrap in red '()' brackets.

    Not sure about colouring the actual values, as it uses gold/silver/copper colours to indicate what the values represent.

    Interestingly, there's an option to use graphical coin icons instead, but this is not currently used anywhere - possibly some planned improvement that never got done?
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