proposed changes for SearcherVendor.lua
  • i'd like to suggest a few changes to SearcherVendor.lua, changes that i've been using for the past few months and if you know what you're doing when using the searcher they will work a bit better than the original algorithm. (well, at least they do for me)

    If you accept the changes and include them into auctioneer, you should maybe also add a warning into the vendor frame to notify people about the algorithm change because this will change the vendor searcher behavior.

    remove these: (yes, really, remove them, the reason is a bit below)

    gui:AddControl(id, "MoneyFramePinned", 0, 1, "vendor.profit.min"......
    gui:AddControl(id, "Slider", 0, 1, "vendor.profit.pct", .........

    local value = market * (100-get("vendor.profit.pct")) / 100
    local value2 = market - get("vendor.profit.min")
    if value > value2 then
    value = value2


    local value = market * 1.2
    local value2 = market

    (if the AH size is too large maybe use 1.1 factor instead of 1.2 for the first value if you get too many results, it currently works fine for me with 1.2 on an AH of about 25k..27k items. If the AH is not too active maybe use 1.3 too or implement this factor as a moving configurable slider)

    Reason: what is this doing is to change the vendor price-based searcher into a percent-relative vendor based searcher AND also it highlights items that are NEAR the sell-to-vendor price floor but they are not yet into vendor price range. (the 1.2 factor does that, it restricts the results shown to only those that are at maximum 120% of vendor price.

    After this change you should sort the vendor list on either the percent column or the profit column, HOWEVER please note that the "profit" column actually means "loss-relative-to-vendor" if the value in the nearby percent column is ABOVE 100. This means that the item price is almost at vendor price but not yet into vendor price range.

    Sometimes i find very good bargains in this price range with people listing stuff just above vendor price and the original vendor price scan algorithm will not catch those.

  • 1-year later bump... any chance we might get this change in the vendor searcher soon? i'm sick of having to modify SearcherVendor.lua manually after every update.
  • With those changes, it would no longer be a Vendor searcher, and I'm not sure if anyone else would be interested in a variant like that. (I certainly would only want to use the current Vendor searcher.)

    I suggest you create a new AddOn for yourself, containing your modded code. That way it won't be overwritten by Auctioneer updates.

    You'll need to give it a new name, so that it will work alongside the standard Vendor searcher without clashing. Do a search-and-replace on every instance of "Vendor" or "vendor" in the file to the new name.

    It'll also need a TOC with
    ## Dependencies: Auc-Advanced
    ## OptionalDeps: Auc-Util-SearchUI

    If you need more help setting it up as a separate AddOn, ask and I'll try to help.
  • ty, i'll try making it into a separate addon
  • ok.. turned my modified searchervendor.lua into a separate addon/searcher module for auctioneer. it works :D
  • P.S. pushed it with the changes on Curse too.. hopefully someone will appreciate it.

    keeping it on "beta" status while people poke and prod it :)
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