Auc Snatch list vs. Battle Pet levels
  • Hey there,
    I'm new to Auctioneer, I downloaded it to create a custom buy list in Snatch to watch particular battle pet prices. However it is turned out that if I put a level "X" pet to the watch list the addon does not look for any other level of the same pet with the same name. For example, I add lets say "Jadefire Spirit" to the list (from a chat link that is a level 1 pet) and the addon does not list any results from level 2-25 even if the price is below the set one. I was browsing through the Configuration but I did not find anything about this.

    So, how can I watch all levels of Jadefire Spirit pet without putting all 25 different pet level item links into the Snatch list?
  • This another thing to add to our list of "base item vs exact item" issues.

    I think here you'd need a per-item checkbox to indicate whether you want the exact item or just the base item.

    It may be fairly simple to do, I'll have to think about it a bit.
  • regarding to battle pets, it would also be useful if Snatch could search not only for the base item (all levels of a pet) but for all rarities too (common+uncomon+rare).

    An example: At the moment if I want to track level 1 -lets say- Elekk Plushies, then I have to add all 3 rarity instances of a level 1 Elekk Plushie to the snatch list if I want to track all of them even they have the same name.

    These options (level/rarity prune) would make Snatch way more easy to use for battle pets.
  • Hi there,

    Any update on this?
  • Now in Legion, is there a way to add battle pets to Snatch List regardless of their quality and level finally?

    I still have to maintain a 200 search long list because I have to manually add different qualities and levels of the same pet.

    Please respond.
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