Bean Counter reporting Inaccurate statistics?
  • Hi all. Here ( is a screenshot of my Bean Counter output. The item is Pandarian Garnet, which vendors for 60 silver. I've have 2 successful auctions, and 14 expired auctions. I have 2 main points of confusion:

    1. For each of my successful auctions, Bean Counter indicates that my 'profit' is equal to the buyout price. But shouldn't my profit = buyout price - AH cut = buyout price - 0.05 * buyout price = 0.95 * buyout price?

    2. The fees and deposits that Bean Counter calculates appear accurate. But on the left it indicates that I have "gained 14 silver" from all of my auctions. How exactly did Bean Counter calculate that? My calculations indicate that I have gained approximately 1g 12s 98c from these auctions. Perhaps I am misunderstanding something though.

    Thanks in advance.
  • I agree the profit column looks to be wrong. Will have a look to see what's going on there.
    Profit should be Sell Price - Fee (which due to independant rounding may not be quite the same as Price * 0.95).

    As to the "gained 14 silver", that is what I calculated:
    It is the two sell prices, less the fees for those two sold auctions, less the 14 lost deposits.

    (in copper) 9999 - 499 + 17999 - 899 - 14 * 1800 = 1400
  • Thanks for the reply. Doing the math again (carefully), I too get 14 silver as my net. Thanks for double checking.

    The individual profit column isn't as important for me now. I was mainly concerned with my net, and thought perhaps the two issues were related.

    THanks again.
  • Turns out there is already a ticket for this issue.
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