No more updates for Gatherer?
  • I know Gatherer still working in 6.1/6.2 but that was the last year when the 5.0.0 released for Patch 6.0.

    And I don't see any release versions after that, I still can't see any of new nodes in zhTW locale.
    (They're still recorded for sure, but since the locale still not updates so it can't show out)
    I don't know if SVN versions of Gatherer has been fixed this(and I'm not sure how to get the latest SVN one of it) but since no release version updates for Gatherer about more than half of a year, I'm not sure if I should still use Gatherer or not, and seems no body care Gatherer anymore... :|
  • Our main Gatherer developer has been out of touch for a while. I'll trying pinging him by email to see what his status is.
  • OK, thanks, I hope he's still fine and can be update Gatherer again... :)
  • I made a note in the Curse Gatherer comment where I've modified the addon on my computer to recognize Withered Herb nodes in Tanaan. Those are the only new nodes I know about. Seems to work for me but I can't tell if the node sharing (comm) works since no one else has my changes ... I'd like to post the files somewhere but there doesn't seem to be a way to attach files to comments. Any suggestions?
  • i would suggest dropbox, or

    FYI, Esamynn got back to me, said he's been busy with real life, but that he'll try to regroup and update in the next few weeks.
  • Last time I tried it wasn't working, just FYI.
  • I made som changes so it detected highmaul reliquaries, its just the 3 edited files in the zip.
  • changes to 4 files for enabling "Highmaul Reliquary" chests in nagrand and "Withered Herb" in tanaan.
  • made some icons for them aswell. updated files, put the blps from the zip where it is appropriate.
  • added 2 treasure containers in tanaan, radiating apexis shard and suspicously glowing chest.
  • Thanks. I have forwarded this on the the Gatherer dev, but I'm not exactly sure when he will have time to check in and possibly include them.
  • forgot a container in tanaan (Gleaming Draenic Chest) and did some revisions to the icons to make them glow a little bit to stand out more.
  • Is there any ways to have an access somewhere to the files AEH have posted. Filedropper requires to open an account with Amazon...

    Thank you very much.
  • I think he has taken the files down, unfortunately.
  • The files gets taken down after a while automatically from that site, I found out. If you know of a free place to put them up that lasts longer I'd be happy to.
  • reuploaded, not sure how long it stays up.
    and i dont have an amazon account either so i think anyone should see this link.
  • Thank you very much aeh... Very appreciated... It works like a charm.
  • as of last wednesdays patch i get the following message
    "Your computer does not have enough memory to load settings from the following AddOn. please disable some AddOns.

  • something probably got corrupted. You can check the SV file for gatherer and see how big it is, and try opening it in an editor to see if it closes cleanly. If you have a backup, try restoring it.
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