Scan data life
  • so i tried chat but java didn't like that.

    is a time to live for scan data? can i set it? i would like my scan data to die after a month or so.
  • Some statistics decay over time, some do not. there is no unilateral way to have scan data older than 1 month to expire, many of the statistics do not support this because we would have to save too much data to make them work that way.
  • Thanks Dinesh. I usually just set for all data to terminate after 1 month. anything older than that won't typically give you a good appraisal anyway.
  • oh well, since you dug up a year-old thread...

    i can tell you that i don't keep scan data AT ALL after logout, i even disabled the ScanData module (maybe i should use past tense, this was before the Legion patch made a mess of everything) ... i use external statistics provided by The Undermine as that can provide region median prices and not depend on local realm crazy price variations.

    Hopefully the data source module on Curse for The Undermine will get updated soon after the Legion-compatible version of Auctioneer is available.
  • I am very interested in how you do that A_Tom?

    Having just changed servers all of my data is now irrelevant.
  • 1. install The Undermine addon and make sure to keep it updated
    (they publish addon data updates two times per week)

    2. install Auc-Stat-TheUndermineJournal

    after you install #2 you'll find a new Stat module for it in Auctioneer options and also under
    Util Modules -> Appraiser you'll find a new pricing model for it.
    Select default pricing model to be "Stats: The Undermine Journal"

    here's how i set up TUJ to only include region median in calculations and only display other statistics but without using them in further calculations:
    (note: the "global median" is actually the region median)
  • P.S. beware that the Resale and General searchers seem to ignore TUJ stats.. there's currently a ticket open for this:

    in Resale searches currently i usually sort by percentage and only look at at items that are < 5%... but even those are pretty much not helpful either.
  • Cheers mate.
    You just disable the other options and don't bother scanning then?
  • some scanning is still needed as Auctioneer operates mostly (or should i say "only"?) with cached scan data when searching for items.

    I only scan when i'm shopping or searching for stuff... generally one or two scans a day on a single shopper alt. if you look at the imgur link in the post above you'll notice that under "Stat Modules" i don't have enabled any local-realm statistics addon module (Auc-Stat*) except for personal sales statistics.

    No histogram, StdDev, Simple or other local statistics. This saves quite a bit of RAM and CPU time when scanning because Auctioneer won't bother to compute those local-realm statistics then.

    Also, i delete my SavedVariables\Auc-ScanData.lua* files about every 2..3 weeks or so and i keep the Auc-ScanData addon enabled only for that shopper alt and disable it for other alts.

    On the seller alt(s) i avoid using Auc-ScanData and i use Auctioneer and TSM with price posting rules that use The Undermine region median as reference.
  • Gah, that sounds like way too much effort!

    I had noticed the missing Stat Modules, that's why I asked about it.
    For the stuff I make and sell I normally choose what to sell it for based on what others have it listed for or the cost of getting the reagents. It's the price of those things I find the scan data useful for. If it's currently too expensive I don't buy it, if it stays expensive for a while I'll work out if I can obtain it cheaply and go from there.

    I don't do much buying to re-list, way too much time spent playing the AH instead of WoW.
    These days the game throws so much gold at you it doesn't matter unless you're not actively playing at max level.

    I looked at TSM and then uninstalled it, I didn't want to spend the time required to learning how to use it.
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