Beancounter not recording sales where the auction was posted via the Remote AH
  • It seems Beancounter is recording purchases made via the Remote AH, but not sales. I've enabled debugging and the error reported when I open my mail box is as follows :-

    BeanCounterMail SearchDB for ItemID .. Fireweed Failed item does not exist in the name array
    BeanCounterMail Failure for completedAuction nil nil index 6

    Is there something up with my installation or a more fundamental issue? N.B. Just to clarify, I do not collect the gold via the Remote AH, just create the auctions.

    Kind regards,

  • Unfortunately, the mail you receive for sold items doesn't contain enough info for BeanCounter to work out what was actually sold. BeanCounter records what items were posted (but only if you posted the item in game), and looks them up when it reads your mail (that's what the "name array" is for").

    I was a bit surprised that BeanCounter managed to record purchases, but when I looked into it, there is more info available - notably you get the actual item in the mail, so BeanCounter can identify it immediately!
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