BeanCounter disables other Auctioneer related tooltips
  • I've recently noticed that Auctioneer, Enchantrix and Informant tooltip data which I am used to seeing in item tooltips has disappeared. Digging in a bit, I was finally able to determine that if BeanCounter is loaded then the tooltip data is missing -- the extra tooltip frame is gone entirely, and/or any tooltip data configured to be embedded in the in-game tooltip does not appear there.

    Specifically, disabling the following lines of code in BeanCounter.lua lib.OnLoad() makes the other addons' tooltips appear as they should:
    -- tooltip:Activate()
    -- tooltip:AddCallback(private.processTooltip, 700)
    If those lines are left enabled, the tooltip data vanishes for me.

    Any ideas on why this is?
  • I haven't heard of this happening before.

    Most likely thing I can think of is some error stopping the entire tooltip handler, so make sure you have Swatter enabled to catch any errors.

    BeanCounter is notorious for getting its save file corrupted. You could try renaming or moving the save file to see if the problem goes away - this will lose all the BeanCounter data though.
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