New Auctioneer Scan
  • Hello my name is Charlie, I'm a consultant here at Norganna's and I just wanted to let everyone know we're putting a new and exciting feature into Auctioneer!

    Now when you go to sell things on the AH instead of having to wait for an entire scan which we all know takes forever, Auctioneer is going to have a button that allows you to scan everything in your bags so you can post stuff QUICK.

    Thank you all for your support here at Norganna's!!!

    -Post Master Charlie
  • *cough*alreadyusingTSMforthis*cough*:p
  • Umm, I have no idea who this poster is, or what they are talking about.

    I am not in game, but I am pretty sure there is already a way to update just the items in your bags using an normal scan, from the appraiser screen maybe.
  • Yep, this feature already exists in the Appraiser panel: Alt-click the Refresh button.
  • You rock thank you so much!
  • I think what he meant was on the front page instead of having to press a few buttons
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