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  • I have been having slow logouts either to the character selection screen or out of the game since patch 5.4 was pre-patched into the game. Before the pre-patch I had instantaneous logouts. Now my logouts can be up to a minute long :(

    I had hoped any gremlins which may have caused this would have been ironed out by now without me having to do anything.
    Unfortunately, this is not the case.

    I investigated and managed to whittle down most of my problematic addons. Most just needed a wipe of their savedvariables file. Though I do worry the issue will get worse as these addons' savedvariable files increase again.

    Auctioneer is one that causes this slow logout problem. Specifically it seems to be Auc:Stat:Histogram, Beancounter, Enchantrix and Informant which are the main culprits. The other modules do cause a little slowness, but nothing major. If I have these troublesome modules enabled then my logouts increase from an acceptable 10 seconds to 30 seconds. This becomes very tedious when alt hopping as I regularly do. I will probably just turn Auc:Stat:Histogram and Beancounter (and some of the others too) off on my non-AH characters as they are not really needed on them. Though a quick visit to the AH will probably now necessitate a character switch. I am loath to wipe the savedvariables for Auctioneer as I do not want to lose my AH scan data.

    Any ideas why Auctioneer, and more specifically the modules I mention above would cause this problem of logout delay ?

  • Logout is when all addons saved data is saved. Auctioneer stores a tremendous amount of data in order to do what it does. There is no way around this, alas. As you've suggested, not loading auctioneer on toons where you don't need AH data is the best workaround if the save time is affecting your gameplay.

    having said the above, there is no reason the save time should have increased dramatically with patch 5.4 I don't think (though we did have to change how we dealt with pets at that time IIRC). There is some possibility that one of your save files has gotten corrupted somehow (though you would likely be seeing either errors in game or a lack of data in some stats if this were the case). You can check by going to the saved data directory, finding the auctioneer folder, and manually opening any very large data files in a text editor. Scroll to the end and make sure the file seems to end cleanly, and not right in the middle of a line or with any binary garbage. If it looks good, close it and try another file. If one of them is corrupted, you can delete it (and replace it with a backup, if you have any) and try starting again. Unfortunately this will cause you to lose some data (depending on which file it was), but if the file was corrupted you have already lost this data anyway.
  • Yeah, it was strange that as soon as the 5.4 patch started to be downloaded into my game a few weeks before installation that my logouts suddenly increased. Before this my logouts were pretty much instantaneous and then changed to being around 1 minute. So something changed and I was hoping someone may have had an idea what.

    Checked my savedvariables files and all look nice and clean, so no corruption looks to have set in thankfully.

    I deleted some savedvariable for other addons in the past only to find the issue reappearing after a while. I can't fathom it our tbh :(

    Thanks for the reply.
  • I have been suffering from long logouts for some time too, possibly from 5.4 though I don't remember exactly. Since I only have Auctioneer loaded on certain Alts and I was having the same problems on other Alts, I think it is a problem with AddOns with huge save files.

    However the AddOns you listed are interesting as you didn't include the usual suspects for save file size - Stat-StdDev and Auc-ScanData.

    It may be the way they are formatted - Histogram uses a less efficient format than the others, and generates a lot more lines of text, though it may be smaller in terms of number of bytes.
    But that wouldn't explain Informant, which appears to have a pretty tiny save file in my case (in terms of both number of bytes and number of lines).

    If different formats do make a difference there may be something we can do about it (other than pray to Blizz!!).
  • The ones I listed were the ones I saw a noticeable increase in log out times.

    My Histogram file is significantly larger than any other auctioneer file.
    This seems counter to what you were expecting.

    4959kb Auc-ScanData
    13249kb Auc-Stat-Histogram
    4260kb Auc-Stat-iLevel
    1082kb Auc-Stat-Purchased
    5897kb Auc-Stat-Simple
    4096kb Auc-Stat-StdDev
    3335kb BeanCounter

    Why Enchantrix and Informant increase the log out time is a bit odd.

    (sends a prayer to Blizz) ;-)
  • That's a slightly different trend from my data. However I did try fully disabling Histogram, and that does appear to make a huge difference, which gives us something to look at! (edit/note: disabling StdDev made no noticable difference.)

    For reference:
    14,073kb ScanData*
    27,309kb Histo
    12,420kb iLevel
    2,126kb Purchased
    12,528kb Simple
    42,337kb StdDev
    3,111kb BC

    (*ScanData info for 4 Realms, others for 5 Realms - ScanData ditches data if you don't access that Realm for 30 days: it was my 2nd largest file before that, only a little behind StdDev)

    However, by number of lines of text, my Histo has 367,688 lines whereas my StdDev has 70,037 (much longer) lines
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