Requested updates to Enchantrix (to be expanded)
  • My thought for updates for Enchantrix they need to separate the module for enchanting/inscription/jewel crafting/mining into four separate modules so they can use the module to read their Constants then use their own tab that look similar with: sliders/boxes for prices, bid/buy requests, profit, etc. As it is now I feel that the other skill tabs are just there to make people stop asking about it.

    Please respond if you agree/disagree.
    Thank you
  • Enchantrix is largely mostly for processing materials, not for buying them...

    if you need to buy materials use the General searcher module or use the Prospecting / Milling / Smelting / EnchantMats / Disenchant searcher modules... make sure to set the parameters appropriately and save the search in the saved searches list.
    e.g. for General -> Trade Goods - Ores

    use the Saved Searches function to save the parameters for the General scanner (or the other modules), for different professions materials.
    For the General searcher i have created Leather, Ores, Draenor reagents and Old reagents saved searches (among a few others)

    p.s. (oh.. just noticed your forum name, hi A_ ! :p)
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