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  • Hello,

    Is that possible to share the data in a server with all the characters?
    I want to talk about beancounting.
    In every server I use only one character to sell items so is that possible to share the AucAppraiser value to all my characters ?
  • You auctioneer data is automatically shared between all toons on the same account.

    While auctioneer supports price sharing with others (though I actually think it might be broken at the moment), this is just announcing prices to others, not actually sharing them so that they can have them to query on their own. There is no mechanism for sharing a full set of data - it is A LOT of data.
  • That's right the data is automatically shared but not the beancounting which is what make my auctioneer price when selling.
    Can we share the beancounting value ?
  • BeanCounter is based entirely on your bid and sales history. This data also cannot be shared outside of toons on the same account (and it changes any time you bid or sell anything).
  • technically this might be possible to do by making WoW think that it's seeing separate account profile folders but actually having a single folder to store saved variables for both accounts.

    Also it requires that only ONE account is ever logged in (no multiple logins allowed if you value your data integrity) otherwise you're overwriting data while the other account is logged on.

    This could be done on Windows by linking the folders via NTFS junction points or on MacOS by using filesystem symlinks: you have to link the different folders where WoW saves the separate account profiles... beware that this kind of messing with the filesystem requires you to be careful and know what you're doing.

    This cannot be done via the WoW Addons system directly because WoW stores the saved variables data in different folder structures for each account - this is why it must be done at filesystem level.
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