Auctioneer not working on specific toons
  • Inexplicably, when my Nelf (my main, I suppose) went to use the AuctionBot in her garrison, the helpful Auctioneer tabs were missing. The AH UI looked and acted like the default. However, swapping to another toon on the same account had it displaying normally.

    Checking the Add-Ons menu item showed all the Auctioneer suite checkboxes checked - quite lot of checks, but nothing looked astray. I even followed the proper upgrade instructions - deleted all my old folders, installed a new copy from the website instead of Curse. Now another toon can't use the add-on!

    I feel as if I am likely missing something that should be obvious, but I can't see it yet. Help? I went to a lot of effort for that AuctionBot, and now it's pretty much useless.
  • Make sure you have gold check marks next to all the required addons. Stubby is often one that gets deselected accidentally.
  • Stubby is checked, I'm getting no 'dependency' warnings.
  • Huh. All right, after a couple of unrelated BSoDs and #132s, I checked to make sure I wasn't lying to you by accident - and although Stubby WAS checked, it was check in SILVER, not gold. Or grey and yellow, whatever. Unchecked, rechecked, reloaded UI, and now things are back to normal.
  • a SILVER check mark in the addon list means that you have enabled that addon for some other characters but that for the current character that addon is is disabled.

    See the drop-down box at the top.. if you have selected there "All" then the addons enabled/disabled selections are valid for all characters.

    If you have selected a character name in the drop-down selection box instead of "All", then the addon selections are valid only for that character. If you enable an addon for that one and then switch to another character then that one has a separate list of enabled addons as well.
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