what TLC?

  • Well I installed the new auctioneer and beancounter isn't working. on your homepage under the new release it says "BeanCounter still requires some additional TLC to get completely functional". Yet nowhere can I find what this TLC is? What do I have to do extra?
  • It's not on your side, it's some small things we need to do in the code to get everything working perfectly again.

    having said that, beancounter should work mostly fine for you. what isn't working?
  • TLC = tender loving care :)

  • I knew what TLC meant, just thought it meant we had to do something extra on the install. Anyway, Beancounter was empty for my toons and showing nothing after the latest install. But it looks like it's started storing info again, just starting from scratch/zero.

    I use it mostly to see what I sold recently so I can restock.
  • it sounds like your data file may have gotten corrupted. if you have a backup, swap it in while the game isn't running. if not...you'll have to live with starting fresh.
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