is it possible to pull up pricing sheetsI
  • I wanted to do quick research on what herbs to be on the look out for in game, and wondered if auctioneer had some kind of quick reference sheet to pull up to show the average prices of the stored values from our scans.

    Ex. say I have scanned the AH for a month and have a value for every herb in the game. Is it possible for me to pull of a sheet that shows each herb I have seen & an Average Price Per Unit of each herb. The same question could be applied for enchanting Mats, ores, cloth, and more.

    I know we can look up each item ourselves but I was hoping there was some kind of built in spreadsheet or list that could be pulled up and filtered to make it easier to view & compare. if it does exist could some one point me in the right direction?
  • I know there are a couple of paid addons that will scan the auction house and suggest farming routes based on prices.

    I wish there was a free addon that did the same. It could be based on several other addons like Auctioneer, TomTom, Gatherer etc.
  • I put my vote in for this as well :)
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