• I just started playing again and auctioneer has always been my favorite addon. I use to scan and then use percentless to check for good deals. I don't see a way to do that anymore. Is there?
  • it is the resale searcher.
  • *headscratch*
    since before the AH faction merge i got the habit to use the Arbitrage searcher instead of the Resale searcher for this... Arbitrage is almost the same thing as the Resale searcher... but with (now obsolete) support for cross-faction/neutral AH comparisons and a touch of cross-realm support.

    Maybe now that the neutral AH has disappeared and the cross-faction separation has been removed from the AH, it's time to merge the Arbitrage and Resale modules into a single module.

    I propose to remove the Resale searcher completely since the main purposes for their separate existence have almost disappeared and replace it with a note to use the Arbitrage instead.

    Also, since the new cross-realm, bind-on-account transmog system is coming in Legion, the cross-realm price competition will be even more fierce.

    as a todo: remove neutral AH/ cross-faction split AH support from Arbitrage.. only keep the cross-realm bits and keep allowing current realm as reference price. When using current realm as price source reference in Arbitrage, this one behaves as the Resale searcher.
  • I realized Arbitrage was horribly out of date with combined AH, and was wondering what to do with it.

    Another possibility, same thing different name, would be to keep Resale and ditch Arbitrage - people probably know the name of Resale better?
  • that too... i almost never use cross-realm pricing data on Arbitrage.

    the only meaningful use of cross-realm arbitrage would be cross-realm sales of pets...but since pet links and prices are horribly broken by Blizzard... there is practically no use for the cross-realm functions.
  • I think resale is the better known searcher (due to countless Auctioneer Gold Making Guides). So I agree with brykrys.
  • i think Blizzard fixed a bit the pet links handling ... so i'm not sure if it's Blizzard or Auctioneer that has issues with pet prices... i think the issue is with Auctioneer.

    if the pet links and price info is fixed properly... i think we might actually have a use for the cross-realm Arbitrage functions... The Undermine has no problems handling pet prices for different realms so i think this should really be looked into, so it would be worth to keep the cross-realm Arbitrage functions around. (even if the module is renamed as "Resale")

    e.g. White Kitten AH prices on Alliance-heavy vs Horde-heavy realms
    Kilrogg price = 600g bid / 800g buy
    Crushridge price = 6000 bid / 6600g buy

    [Cat Carrier (White Kitten)]
    Kilrogg price = 193g buy
    Crushridge price = (has not been seen since march 23rd)
    EU median price = 7100g
  • I had a bit of a look into TUJ about pets, and figured out a couple of things:

    The third-party Auc-Stat-TheUndermineJournal plugin doesn't handle battlepets - it explicitly only handles "item" links. As the base TUJ handles battlepets now, I'll send the Auc-Stat-TUJ author a message about it. There's a few other things I noticed that need fixing too.
    Auc-Stat-TheUndermineJournal also doesn't handle serverKeys properly - it does some partial processing then doesn't do anything with it.

    However, having looked into the core TUJ, it looks like it doesn't handle cross-server prices in the way we'd need for this. The API doesn't provide any means to access specific server prices other than the current one (though it does provide 'global' prices, which I assume are averaged over all servers or something).

    Looking into TUJ's database code, I think that although it contains data for every server, it actually ditches most of it at startup, and only keeps current server (and 'global') data.

    On the other hand, most of the Auctioneer Stat modules do now support battlepets and cross-server prices. (Stat-Sales, which relies on BeanCounter, is the last one that doesn't, I think.)
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