SearchUI "Pct" discrepancy
  • Items found on the SearchUI tab show a much smaller "Pct" value compared to if I were to view the exact same listing on the Browse tab.

    Example: A stack of 20 Ethereal Shards shows at 45% on SearchUI and the same listing shows 91% on Browse.
  • can you take some screenshots for us? showing both the Pct in the tabs, and the tooltip for the item on each screen.
  • How do I post images?

    EDIT: Hope this works! Sorry for the large image dimensions.
  • Your PriceLevel module has been set to use something other than MarketPrice (I would guess TUJ Market Mean from the screenshot).

    The Browse panel Pct is based on that pricing, and I am assuming you consider this to be 'correct'.

    The SearchUI Pct is based on MarketPrice, and I assume you consider this to be the 'wrong' value.
    By the same token, the Profit column will also be 'wrong', as it's linked to Pct.
    Unfortunately, looking into the code, SearchMain is hard-coded to use MarketPrice so there are currently no settings that can be changed to fix it.
    It's going to need code changes, which means opening a jira ticket.
  • Done. Thank you.
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