Classic Gatherer 2.2.3 issue
  • It seems a bit late for a question ;3
    Can somebody help me with classic gatherer? it works pretty well, exept for one thing - displaying "rare" ores on minimap/worldmap (such as Silver, Gold, Truesilver). Gatherer adds them to database, but dont wanna display them on maps. But in addon filer there are icons and @piecies of code@ for this nodes. What should i do? Really wanna know, cause this is annoying.
  • lol, Find out that there are "rare ore" parameter in gatherer account config. + I tried to change GatherIcons.lua a bit. Nothing happened.
    Then I replaced classic version for TBC one, got over 9k errors, replace them back.
    Annnnnd, yeah! It works now, shows me rare ores with their own tooltip.
  • warez (a.k.a. private servers / classic servers) is/are not supported. You're on your own with that.
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