Experimental settings explanation?
  • I just returned to playing after quitting for 5 years. So Auctioneer has “experimental settings” and says to consult the forums before using them, and I searched the forums using those keywords and found nothing.

    Does anyone know how to use those experimental settings?

    Scanner stage: Throttle during fast scans
    Processing Stage 1: Throttle processing speed
    Processing Stage 3: Extra memory cleanup

    Auctioneer estimates over an hour to scan when I'm in-game, and can go up to, what looks like a fairly accurate, estimation of 8 hours, give or take, if I Alt-Tab out of the game. So if there are any settings that I can use to speed the scan up, please let me know. Thanks.
  • /auc getall

    When you have the AH open. Usually it works but some ppl have problems with the command.
  • There used to be something of the forums, it's probably been buried under other posts.

    Really those settings are for people experiencing nasty problems that would bring them to the forums anyway, such as disconnects or crash-to-desktop.

    Briefly, the throttle settings are intended to reduce the chance of disconnects (which one to use depends on the stage that seems to be causing the disconnects).

    The memory cleanup settings are for a crash-to-desktop problem we had a year or two ago - noone's reported this happening recently, so Blizzard may have fixed it on their end.
  • I'll try that command. Thanks.

    And thank you for explaining those parts about the experimental settings.
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