• Hi. i wonder can you add more detailed filter for searching? I mean, if i want to trade only cloth i don't want to see in search list ore or leather etc. Only cloth, then only leather, then only ore. I think it will be easy to do some subgroupe and bind id items to it. Thanks!
  • there is already such a filter - you just need to use it:

    on the Auctioneer SearchUI page - use the General searcher
    type: trade goods
    subtype: cloth

    you also can set a minimum item level for such materials, to avoid picking up low level ones.

    e.g. something like this:

    make sure to save the General search settings as a saved search, use the Saved searches section on top. - i have saved searches for leather, cloth, ore...and so on
  • thanks! i so need this function! sorry for disterbe
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