Not sorting items lower price first
  • Many times the auction items are showing the higher price or percentage on the first page. Despite using the price or Pct filters, a few days later the screen defaults back to not showing the lower price first. Is there a way to make it similar to the armoury app that always sorts the lowest price for item on the first page and make it so it stays that way?
  • There is no way to sort by Pct across all pages, since that is an auctioneer specific item. Only a few blizzard calculated numbers can sort across all pages (I think only stack bid price sorts, though they may have fixed that by now).

    to see the auctioneer fields sorted across all pages, you need to first do a full scan, then use the search tab.
  • I don't think you understand. When I do a search for Temporal Crystals the lowest price for that item should be on page 1 unless I change the filters, why should I have to go through 10 pages to find the cheapest item ?? If I change the filter so the cheapest cystal is on page 1 it does not stay that way next time I do a search for that item.
  • Auctioneer does NOT have search results split on multiple pages. The Blizzard UI is the one that has pages. If you see prev / next page buttons then you're using the Blizzard search UI not the Auctioneer search.

    even if you have enabled the "compact UI" spit and polish theme that comes with Auctioneer it's still the same old Blizzard UI underneath ... this is why in all my years of using Auctioneer i never kept that enabled. It's only a cosmetic make-over of the Blizzard UI, but doesn't have much added functionality (imho).

    instead of the Blizzard UI, use Auctioneer's search modules: Search tab -> Searchers -> General

    or the specialty enchanting materials module: Search tab -> Searchers -> EnchantMats (this one searches for both materials to disenchant and enchanting supplies at the same time)

    they present all search results as a single huge page. Make sure to tweak their search parameters before searching.

    you should use the General searcher if you are searching for a specific item, use the little "whirlwheel" button instead of the "Search" button. The "Search" button only does a search in the local cache while the "whirlwheel" does first a server query to refresh the local cache.
  • As mentioned above, the main AH Browse tab is using the Blizzard search UI. Unfortunately, Blizzard does not support server side sorting for auctions except for a few fields, and to the best of my recollect BO price isn't one of them. If you sort on any field which is not supported server side, then the sort will only happen on that page (and you won't be guaranteed that the lowest price on the current page is the lowest price across the whole AH, for example).

    If you want to sort any other non-supported field across the entire AH, you will need to use the auctioneer search tab (and do a scan of the AH first).
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