Long log off times
  • Hello,
    I've been experiencing long log off times, after some testing, some addons were causing problems. I tried disabling them one at a time. Looks like recount and auctioneer are the cause of my problems.

    I'm using windows 10. I don't know what kind of information would you guys need or if I need to do more testing to find the issue.
    In general, auctioneer works perfect, I only have issues while logging off.
  • are you playing the AH on multiple un-connected realms with the Auc-ScanData module enabled or have you enabled ALL the Auc-Stat-* statistics modules at the same time?

    Auctioneer stores on disk at logoff and loads the AH data for ALL realms (that it has scanned the AH on) in memory, even if the data is not for the current realm.

    that realm data and the statistics modules can generate A LOT of delay at logoff when the data is saved to disk. Take a look at your global SavedVariables and sort them by file size.

    because of that and also because of some crazy statistics poisoning going on my usual realm i ended up disabling ALL of Auctioneer's local statistics modules and the saving of the realm data to disk at logoff. Avoiding to save that data helped a lot.

    These days i'm using The Undermine as data statistics for Auctioneer, with region (EU) median price as reference instead of the local realm crazy variations. Works much better as it is almost impossible for someone to poison EU-wide realm price statistics.
  • Hello,

    My Aux-ScanData.lua was 11MB. I have many toons but on the same server
    I cleaned the variables, and I'll use Undermine as well.
    So far the log off time is normal.
    I'll keep watching it

    Thanks a lot!!
  • There are various things that increase logout times. One is sheer amount of data some AddOns save. Another is that we must depend on the WoW client's method of writing to save files, which is historically pretty inefficient. Additionally, Auc-ScanData does a ton of processing at logout - this being a workaround for another limitation on save files :(
    Large save files also increase log-IN time.

    Note that Auc-ScanData is a record of all the auctions on whatever AuctionHouses you've scanned. If you clear ScanData, it will just rebuild itself again as you scan.

    Sooo things to try to decrease logout time:

    Disable some of the memory-hungry Stat modules. Look at your save files to see which are largest, but Stat-StdDev, Stat-Histogram are typically the worst.
    Disable them in the Character Selection -> AddOns screen to make sure they don't ever load.

    Use an Auctioneer Alt - basically disable Auctioneer entirely on your raiding etc. alts, and funnel everything you want to sell to one alt. You'll still get slow logout on that alt, of course, but your main alts won't.

    What A_Tom is suggesting is to completely disable the Scanning part of Auctioneer, by disabling Auc-ScanData and all the Stat modules that come with Auctioneer.
    Then install a third-party Stats module such as TheUnderMineJournal...
    Note that Auctioneer is supposed to support you doing this, but it's largely untested, so feedback would be much appreciated!

  • Scanning still works.. it's not disabled.. i only disabled the built-in statistics and data saving/caching between logins.
    (A /reload command will also reset the cached data.)

    things pretty much work almost ok like this for me, but please note that i mostly use Auctioneer to buy/bid on stuff... for most sales i use TSM for bulk-posting (generally because it has customizable price formulas for user-created price groups)

    so.. my configuration for The Undermine generally looks like this...
    This is how i usually keep the main Auctioneer addons

    Undermine journal data source options:

    The Undermine as data source for statistics: (drop-down selector box was open when i made the screenshot) - set this selector box in every place in the Auctioneer configs where it appears... (be careful that it shows up in about a dozen places.)

    and a typical item tooltip looks like this:
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