Slidebar: encouraging greater adoption
  • I'm surprised that Slidebar hasn't seen more eager adoption and integration by other addons! In terms of simplifying and de-cluttering an otherwise insanely cluttered UI, there are only a handful of other addons that can contribute more to that goal. Why such a tepid response? Is it lack of promotion, or something else? From what little I've read and understand (not much), it seems that the only requirement for other addons to integrate with it is the use of a common minimap button library. If that library exists and in fact simplifies the creation and placement of minimap buttons, why is its adoption so low? Currently I only have seven addons whose buttons get captured by Slidebar, and yet an equal number still cluttering the periphery of the minimap; that is a travesty!

    As a selfish sidebar, is there a way that I can modify addons myself to create a private version that does allow its buttons to be captured or hooked?
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