Problem: Auctioneer scan takes about 1 hour.
  • I was wondering if there is a way to make auctioneer scan somehow faster, because it takes about one hour. Is there a faster way, may be downloading some additonal data for auctioneer? Or may be i should try AuctioneerAdvanced ? I'm disturbed by the fact that it's pretty old and still it's nowhere neath the top of addons for some reason.
  • you're probably using it wrong then.. takes less than 60 seconds for me to run a GetAll() fast scan, using the one published on Curse
    (same as Suite published here - )

    before you run that fast scan, after you first logon, make sure you run a "normal" slow scan in a category or you risk getting disconnected by the server... i usually use trade goods -> Metal&Stone (ores) for this. Takes about 1..2 minutes and is only needed once after each logon on the character that uses the AH. While being logged on, all AH scans after this one can be GetAll() fast scans but possible only every 15 minutes because of server restrictions.

    The point of the partial slow scan is to 'teach' the server to start sending you large amounts of AH data without disconnecting you.
  • I'm on a highly populated server, and scanning trade goods takes much more time than 2 minutes.

    I try login on the resale character every half hour, so from your words apparently i need to do normal slow scan. No point to do GetAll fast scan.

    To do scan only on one castegory is pretty limited. What about consumables, battle pets, quests, gems, miscellanious?

  • the fast scan takes care for me of everything else... the initial slow scan in a limited category helps the wow client to start allocating data buffers for caching AH data.

    not sure how large the AH volume is on your server, but on my server it's usually about 42...45k positions listed in AH... sometimes goes up to 50k even

    also.. check your statistics modules.. maybe statistics are slowing you down by recomputing statistics page-by-page

    this thread might help:
  • Thank you. I was avoiding using fast scan because i didn't thought it was also full scan, also id didn't showed me the nemes of sellers, so i thought i might be buggy, and after using it i will have to reinstall addon with lost configurations. I mean, why would designers create not one, but two buttons for normal scan, while there is a same full scan option, but times faster. Anyway, fast scan is exactly what i was looking for.

    However, i whought that scanning auction multiple times will help to get right pricing on items in my new realm Argent Dawn. Auction there is huge, but my pricing models are completely messed up even efter a week of scanning it. For example it tells me that average price on Pocket Reaver is 2246 gold, while absolute majority of people post it for about 350 gold and it is rarely bought.
  • fast scan tends to bug out and disconnect you if you use it right away after login, thats why the small slow scan in a category is needed. Also, the fast scan can only be used once every 15 minutes at most. (server-side mandatory limitation)

    about the missing names of the sellers, do this: press the fast scan button and then IMMEDIATELY, on the main auctions page, use the scroll bar that appears, scroll (hold click pressed and drag the scrolling indicator) from top to bottom and back to top over the full AH list. Do not use the paging buttons, just the vertical scrollbar.
    Repeat this scrolling FAST, a few times while the server is sending the data... you'll notice that the names start to appear while you're scrolling..
    When Auctioneer finishes processing the GetAll() fast data it will clear out the full list from the main auctions page. It should now have a full item list together with names too.

    i was affected by the missing names thing too, but i discovered that if i do that scrolling trick while the scan is getting data, i can force it to get the list of names too.
  • P.S. about your pricing models.. don't rely on them too much.. the Legion transmog system is coming... that means most mog prices are already crashing HARD, people have stopped buying most mogs if they already have one on an alt somewhere or if they can buy it cheap on another realm...

    stop using local realm price statistics.. start using region-wide statistics (e.g. the undermine, link is in that post mentioned above.)

    Ask yourself this: why would someone pay 1k..3k or more for a transmog piece on your realm's AH when they already have or can quickly make an alt on a different realm and they can get that item for only 5-10g in that realms' auction house? They can buy the item there, learn it for the mog wardrobe pattern and it will become account-wide for transmog purposes.
  • Well, i thought buying gear is risky, so i didn't.

    Prices on Argent Dawn and Arathor can signifacantly vary. Hexweave bag on Arathor worth about 650 g, and on Argent Dawn it's 1400 g.

    I thought one cannot transfer money on alts in different realms without paying for character transfer.
  • 1) timeless tokens are account-bound and vendorable...
    (e.g. can be sold to a vendor for 5g directly or can be sold for 24g and spare change if you have a suitable level 90+ alt to unlock it on that realm. In any case, it is worth at least 5g... unless Blizzard modifies the value of these.)

    2) there are some other account-bound things that can be sold to a vendor

    3) i still have a bucketload of timeless tokens stashed, and i think a lot of people have stashed them too.

    = easy cross-realm transfer of a few gold coins... not much but they are enough to buy a cheap mog on another realm's AH
  • p.s.
    list of items that are Bind on Account and have a sell-to-vendor price of at least 1g:;crs=1:2;crv=0:10000
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