Remove an ignored item
  • Hello,

    I involontary ignored an item when I was buying in the abritrage tab.

    I was wondering if I can remove this item from the ignore list or if I can completly clear the ignore list so I will see the item again.

    Thank you for your help.

    If the question wasn't clear, don't hesitate and I'll try to explain it more precisely.
  • In SearchUI, go to the Filter > ItemPrice tab. You should see a list of items with ignore prices (completely ignored items will have a price of 0), and there should be a button to remove an item from the list.

    Just out of interest, what are you using Arbitrage searcher for? With combined AuctionHouses there should be no use for cross-faction or neutral AH searches.
  • I thought I searched everywhere but I didn't saw that page, thank you for your answer !

    I use the Arbitrage searcher to find objects in my server and in my faction which are sell at low price.

    But when you say "combined AuctionHouses", do you mean that the horde and the alliance AH is the same?

    It's a long time I didn't play so if I missed some informations or if you can help me to use in a better way the add-on I'll be thankfull for that.
  • Yes, Horde and Alliance AuctionHouses on each server are now combined (and there is no Neutral AuctionHouse any more).

    The Resale searcher is the usual one for hunting for bargains on your own server. It should work the same as Arbitrage - it's probably more up-to-date now, as Arbitrage hasn't been worked on in a while.

    I think Arbitrage was mainly used for finding stuff on one faction's AH that would sell well to the other faction - no longer applicable now they are not separate.
  • Thank you for the explanations brykrys. I didn't know that the Horde and the Alliance AuctionHouses was the same. So I understand why you tell that the Resale is more interesting now.

    I'll not use anymore the Arbitrage tab, thank you for the two informations you told me in this discussion.

    Make good deals and have fun !
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