Donation / Appreciation Thread
  • $25.00 donated 7/22/2016; Thanks for all your hard work!
  • Been a longtime Auctioneer user (since 2007). Made my third $20.00 donation to this very worthwhile addon. Please continue to hard work to keep the project going!
  • sending in a few
  • there ya go enough for a case of beer :P
  • $100 donated 7/22/2016. Have appreciated Auctioneer every time I come back to the game. It's the reason I'm not impoverished in-game. :) Thanks for slaving over the code!
  • I feel bad that my wife and I have both been using Auctioneer for nearly 10 years now and I've never supported the effort. I donated $25 this morning, sorry it took me so long and it's so little, but hopefully it help keep this going. Auctioneer is hands-down the best addon in WOW.
  • I've donated several times over the years, and I'm happy to donate again.

    However before I donate any funds I'd like to see some sort of official status update from the dev team. They could make a lot of people feel better by just making a status update.
  • Thank you so much for the incredible addon. We don't appreciate things until they are unavailable. Trying to use knock offs to get by is frustrating. I'm mired until the one and only Auctioneer is up and running. Happy to be a donor.
  • Where does one go to make a donation. I love this addon, but have no idea how.
  • @memnarch - look for the 'Make donation' link on the right hand side of the addon home page:
  • @jannee Thank you very much. Took me a second to see it. I am visually impaired (lost one eye, other is going) so knowing the location on the page was very much appreciated. Now I just gotta wait on the setup at Paypal with my bank. I like the monthly donation thing and will be using that. Will keep me from forgetting.
  • When I started playing in Wrath this was the first addon my "coach" had me install. I am embarrassed to admit I have never donated before but I have corrected that now. We support you. And we will REALLY love you when it is working again. :P
  • Hi folks, thanks for the support!
  • You're welcome :)
  • Bestest addon ever. Just cause I am a casual wow player with a terrible habit at AH trading. :P
  • I donated a tiny amount, but this is better than nothing >.< so let's donate, even one dollar is better that nothing xD
    I wanted to say thank you for this wonderful addon :)
  • Just made a donation as well, really enjoy the added functionality that the Auctioneer suite provides in Warcraft. Many thanks for the ongoing support!
  • Thank you guys for your great addon. I just donated to the cause.
  • Made my first donation today. The last two weeks have proved to me just how much I depend on the Auctioneer Suite when I play. Thanks for your hard work on this addon!
  • Ok all you peeps who said you'd donate when you saw something. The preview builds are out, pony up :).
  • Were we not expecting another little one, and counting all our pennies, I'd definitely throw some love at this project (I did before, and hope to do so again in the future). However, I wanted to step up and say that I appreciate the time & effort of all those working on it, the developers and those who are helping them, too. You're all rockstars in my book.
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