Gatherer Legion update
  • I was wondering if someone might be able to come up with a temporary fix to Gatherer. At first glance, I would say that the addon seems to be functionnal but the pre-patch might have broken some map related function. Mainly, the nodes are not displaying anymore on the large and mini-map. Gatherer throws only 1 mistake on line 1198 of the Astrolabe.lua file... Problem happens with the variable "numFloors" that is NIL. That variable is initialized a few lines before 1198. I suspect that the function called to initialize it might have changed with the pre-patch. But I don't know enough about WoW lua to make any changes myself.

    Edit : I found an updated ASTROLABE.LUA file that eliminated the NIL value (In Dugi's Questing essentials ). But unfortunately, it's not enough to solve the overall problem... A lot of other LUA files from the main directory of Gatherer are now throwing errors. Of these, many seems to be Astrolabe related.

    Date: 2016-07-23 14:56:11
    ID: 2
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\Gatherer\Astrolabe\Astrolabe.lua line 1198:
    attempt to compare number with nil
    Gatherer\Astrolabe\Astrolabe.lua:1257: activate()
    ...dOns\DugisGuideViewerZ\Libs\Astrolabe\DongleStub.lua:78: Register()
    Gatherer\Astrolabe\Astrolabe.lua:1309: in main chunk
    HarvestedMapData = { VERSION = 3}mapData = { 0 = { } mapName = "Kalimdor" cont = 1 zone = 0}mapName = "Kalimdor"mapID = 13numFloors = nil
  • Disclaimer: I haven't tested Morfraen's changes.

    But here's what I did to fix gatherer starting with original 5.0.0 release. This should be perfectly serviceable till official update, hopefully before Legion release. I suspect breakage on new gather nodes in Legion.

    Gatherer\GatherZoneTokens.lua, line 179 or so, add:

    -- Broken isles
    [1015] = "AZSUNA",
    [1014] = "DALARAN",
    [1096] = "EYE_OF_AZSHARA",
    [1024] = "HIGHMOUNTAIN",
    [1017] = "STORMHEIM",
    [1033] = "SURAMAR",
    [1018] = "VAL'SHARAH",
    [1021] = "BROKEN_SHORE",

    Gatherer\Astrolabe\Astrolabe.lua, line 1181 modify/add:
    local numFloors = #{ GetNumDungeonMapLevels() }
    if (numFloors == nil) then
    numfloors = 0;

    Edit: working change after some testing.
  • Thanks for that fix, the popup every login was annoying.
  • Just downloaded morfraen's fix to Astrolabe and it seems to work in Hyjal
  • Many thanks for those fixes Morfraen and genen... It works like a charm...
  • I could not download morfraen's code, but I made the changes recommended by genen and it works fabulously. Thank you both!
  • File got deleted for some reason, genen's post has the changes.
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