Auctioneer 7.x Update for Legion - Progress Update
  • Hi folks,

    As many of you know, Auctioneer broke with the release of the Legion pre-xpac update. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our many users.

    This thread is intended to provide information to our users about our progress in creating a fix.

    In general:

    1- Yes, we will be providing a version which works in Legion.

    2- No, I do not have an ETA for when it will be ready. We have limited developer resources currently. We are working on it. When it's ready, we will publish it. You'll be the first to know, here!

    We'll also be pushing releases to the Curse and WoWI sites as usual, if those are your usual update points, but there may be times when there are preview builds available here for testing that we haven't yet pushed elsewhere.

    Hope that allays some fears that the addon is abandoned (it isn't!), and generally keeps everyone calm and happy. More info posted here as we have it.

    Thanks again!

  • As a first update, it is likely that sometime in the next couple of days we will have a version available which eliminates all the errors on startup, and begins to address some of the tooltip issues.

    There will definitely still be things broken, but we hope this will help get things a little more stable for everyone.
  • New preview build is available here. Should eliminate the errors on loading, and stabilizes the tooltip somewhat.

    Major AH functions like scanning are still non-functional, however. (Some issues involve blizzard errors that need to be corrected.)
  • A new preview build has been released, which should take care of most tooltip jitter issues. Assorted other updates included as well.
  • I will be pushing a new preview build shortly.

    !! PLEASE NOTE !!

    This version will WIPE your BeanCounter history. We regret the need for this change, but Blizzard has changed the itemstrings in a way that makes matching the new with the old too difficult (or maybe not even possible) with any accuracy.

    Caveat emptor. If there is any data you need from your beancounter history, do what you need to do to collect and store it manually elsewhere. Once you upgrade to this version that history will be lost.
  • Thanks for your efforts. Being another addon developer, I know how hard it is to keep them running. I wish Blizzard would let addon developers in early on the Betas so these issues could be worked out more easily.
  • New r5659 build pushed as a preview.

    I suspect I will make this the first release version sometime tomorrow. Minor issues and blizzard issues still exist, but this should be a stable version that includes working versions of most functionality. Please feel free to test and report issues.
  • r5661 to fix infinite loop pushed as new preview
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