Can you make multiple snatch lists?
  • Hey friends, hope you're all well this evening. I just have a quick query about the snatch option with auctioneer. I've read multiple guides about its use and made a snatch list for 'Rare Items', this is working great! But now I wanted to make a separate list for 'Gems' But I can't seem to find how to create a new list, every time I search it searches for the 'Rare Items' list. Is having multiple snatch lists a possibility? I read it was but no one said how to do it, i'm presuming its really easy and I've overlooked an obvious option. Thanks for you're time, any help is much appreciated.
  • You can use 'Saved Searches' at the top of the SearchUI panel.

    Be aware that this saves/loads the settings for all searchers and filters, plus some general settings too, all at the same time.
  • Okay, thanks for the reply, but how do I save a search? I went into my snatch list, wrote a name in the saved searches box and clicked save. It seems to have remembered the name, but I can't load and search with it.
  • I usually kinda do searches on autopilot, so I had to go back and check how I do it :)

    First you do the settings for your first search setup. Give it a name, and click Save.

    Edit the settings for your second setup. Give that a name and Save.

    When you want to use a saved search, select the name from the dropdown and click Load (note it doesn't load automatically just from selecting the dropdown).

    The name text changes colour to indicate current status:
    Green: the named search is currently loaded correctly
    Orange: you've made changes to the current search, and they haven't been saved yet
    White: you've entered a new search name, and it's waiting for you to click either Load or Save
  • Great! thanks alot for the help man! x
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