Idle time out due to AFK state while AH window open and full scan or interaction with AH window
  • Just wanted to share a pre patch 7.0 bug that we over at Auctionator have been looking at since the new cross realm phasing has been happening in cities.

    I'm the official test marmoset over there and wanted to share my finding with you. I tried out the preview release for 7.0 and found it succumbs to the same problems after going AFK. Full scans especially had issues (stopped and reported just "scanning..." after afk)

    I am going to paste in what I put over on our curse page so you can have a heads up, I have repeatedly confirmed this bug.

    --- Pasted text ---

    Just a heads up about the going AFK in Stormwind or Orgrimmar still happening and stuck scanning when trying to buy items.

    These are now cross realm phased zones. Meaning servers not directly connected to your server will mix together. What is not phased is the auction house.

    If you go afk while having the AH window open with a current scan then try and search new results you MAY be phased back to your home realm. You can witness this by seeing other players vanish.

    Now here is where it impacts our addon... Once you do go afk and are phased back to your home realm, you CAN'T interact with the AH again until you either log off, zone out of the AH completely (as in run out and then back in - does not always work) or hearth out and back in somehow.)

    Reloading your UI will not always work.

    Now they recently extended the AFK time at the AH so that should help limit the phasing issue while afk but should this happen to you, you need to relog to clear it or try one of the other methods mentioned.

    --- End Pasted Text ---

    Now what can be done about it? Well not anything from the addon's end. The short fix? Don't go afk until they fix this!
  • oh... so /reload doesn't have much chance to fix it? OUCH.
  • I'll echo that one. It's more evident on the Linux box with the ElvUi; I was laying it off on the UI.

  • Thanks for the heads up!
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