Transferring scan data from one account to another
  • I hope this is the right place to post this.

    I'm looking for a way to transfer my scan data from one account to another. I have looked around for this information and I see a way to share it, but the thing is... each guide I read says "This will not work if you are on both accounts at the same time". Well, I usually am - and none of these 'guides' show me how to do so when I am on both accounts at the same time.

    I understand that I could just scan the AH on both accounts for a couple weeks or so to gather my data. But the problem is, I'm doing this on 2 different servers, with 2 different accounts (possibly more). And the 2 servers that I'm speaking about are zul'jin and stormrage. My scans take over an hour to complete and I don't always have time to sit around letting my accounts scan. Of course I COULD do it manually on each account, but if I can find a simple way to transfer the data, it would make this a ton easier.

    Would it be possible to copy a file in my auctioneer addon folder from my 'main' account and then copy+paste onto my second account ... after my main account has gathered a considerable amount of scan data? If so, which file is it, so that I don't mess it up? Or am I just SOL, have to buck up and scan on every account and server manually?

  • The problem is that each account that you are logged into does the following:
    1- On login, read the data from files and store it in memory
    2- While you're logged in, if something changes, change it in memory
    3- When you log off, write memory back to files

    So if you're logged in to both accounts at the same time, both are on step 2 at the same time, and as you do different things with both, they will get out of sync. When you get to step 3, each will write back whatever is in its copy of memory, and will overwrite anything which was modified in the other one.

    If you only ever scan or use the AH on one of the two accounts, you might be able to get away with something which would allow you to do a one-way copy of the data periodically. But if you want both accounts to be able to be logged in and both be doing AH stuff at the same time, there is simply no way to do it without having one account's info overwrite the data from the other.
  • Okay what about if I dont worry about really doing much with the AH on my second account and do it on my main account?

    I'll still be using both accounts at the same time, because there's alot of things I do where I have both up at the same time. But lets say I dont scan the AH with my second, I only look at it to buy things from time to time. Will that still screw up my main accounts scan data? Even if I dont mess with trying to copy any files over or anything of the sort?
  • if you don't copy files over or use symlinks to point them to the same place, then there isn't any issue to begin with (but the second account won't be using the first account's data either, so i don't think this is what you mean).

    if you don't scan, but just buy on the second's possible this might screw you up a little bit, because while buying you may also be doing some piecemeal scanning.

    honestly, as long as you always copy the data from account 1 to account 2 (and never the other direction), you should be fine. account 2 might not always be using the most up to date data, but it should be good enough for government work.

    if this works for you, i would probably just create a simple script to copy the relevant data files over from the first account's SV directory to the second one, and then set up a repeating task in your OS to run the job every night at 4am or some time when you are unlikely to actually be playing either account.
  • I might do that. Thanks for the information.
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