AuctioneerSuite-7.0.5637 - Bean Counter not grabbing all sales history in Auction History Database
  • First of all thanks for getting the preview version for 7.0 up and running. Much appreciated!!

    For some reason Auction History Database is not grabbing all of my sales. On August 6th and 7th I had 11 sales only two of those were captured.

    I am not so worried about the not tracking part but that means when I am in appraiser I do not automatically get what I posted item for last go around.

    Anything I am missing here? Did full AH scan. Tried to attached screenshot here but not letting me paste.

    I have received a couple of errors since installing new versions but none seem related to beancounter. Have been getting errors when opening professions tabs on various toons.

    My life isn't going to end or anything just miss having all things tracked in bean.
  • BeanCounter is not working 100% currently. It's on our to do list, but lower priority than scanning fixes.
  • That's cool. I appreciate the follow up. Wasn't sure if you guys were aware. Good luck with the fixes! Thanks for all of your work!
  • I checked in the fixes for Beancounter today. The itemString changes in 7.x threw it off in a couple odd ways -- it would record and find your purchase, but not the reason or other metadata.
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