beancounter purge
  • I'm not really seeing why any change to the current itemlink format would prevent reading old beancounter entries and require purging the history. The 1st part is always item:# which is enough to function with, the rest of the itemlink can just be ignored for everything but battlepets and WoD items with multiple possible levels. You even hang your entries off of ["item#"] already.

    Since you've decided to force a purge... might I suggest completely restructuring the way beancounter stores it's data? I had to stop using it years ago because it was always over some cvar limit despite manual pruning attempts. Maybe take a look at how TSM_Accounting stores it's info and understand why they use the flat format they do?
  • Because the new item strings and the old item strings only matched about 10% of the time, even after updating the old strings to the new format.
    No, just the item number is not enough, because of the bonus levels, etc.

    I spent a lot of time trying to make the database upgradable - and it just wasn't working.
  • Majority of the items don't have bonus levels though, just WoD crafted, a few WoD BoE's, and then there's battlepets... but if those lost their bonus info and only logged as the base itemID, IMO that would be preferable to a data wipe.

    To prevent future problems when blizzard inevitably changes the item string format again, I'd suggest extracting the minimum necessary info from the item strings and storing that in your own format. The WoD BoE's for example, you can just log the level and ignore all the other bonuses just like no one cares about what suffix a green quality item had.
  • Yes, which is what led me to believe that I might be able to update the itemstrings - alas, it did not work so well.
    We were attempting to extract what we needed, which lead to the problem of not matching or incorrectly matching (failing to see that items with different stats were not all the same item). Yes, people do care what suffix some items have.
  • on draenor items the random suffix also decides appearance.. crafted items at 1/6 have different looks than 4/6 or 6/6 upgrade ones

    also, almost all Draenor dungeon boss loot rewards also have different looks... normal vs heroic items have the same item id but different appearances based on their bonus ids.
  • Still think collapsing to the base itemid and having most of your years worth of data is preferable to wiping it, but your call of course.
  • The download page says "Any version upgrading from before 5653 to 5653 or higher will permanently delete any BeanCounter history! Please be aware of this change before updating. " I infer from this thread that there is no practical way to preserve it. If there is, could instructions be provided? If not, could you please update the message to more clearly indicate that? As it is, the user (well, "a user", namely me) is confused about what the correct course of action should be with regard to this warning.
  • There is no way to preserve it. Well, I mean you could save a backup copy of the data, but every time you load it in game it will be removed, because the new code will be unable to parse it because of WoW changes to the way they present item string data. So from a practical standpoint, there is no way to preserve it in game.
  • This should work to extract the data from the old beancounter format, just run the vba script in the excel file and point it at your old beancounter saved variables. It will put it all in a nice spreadsheet.
  • Thank you, darkcircuits.
  • that addon/spreadsheet requires MS Office ... if it's your addon, mind porting the VBA in it to LibreOffice instead? MS Office costs money that many users (including me) don't have and/or want to waste when LibreOffice is good enough for what they use.

    (not to mention their horrid price gouging policy they have even for a small non-profit: i would have to buy at least 5 licenses to qualify for their "volume" discount for office 2016 Standard - and their so-called "discount" is anything but.

    i just ran a fresh price estimate simulation on their site - they ask 747,00 euro per license, with a minimum quantity of 5 purchased... that's 3.735,00 € before any taxes. Add to that their usual commission for their distributors of about 10%-15%-30% of the quoted price (MS does not sell these directly, only through distributors so those increases are mandatory) .. that comes out to about =
    ((3.735,00 € x1,15) x 1,20) = 5.154,3 €
    (where i assumed 15% for distribution and 20% is the Value Added Tax rate) just for MS Office Standard licenses...
    Office Pro is even more expensive: 1.017,00 € for each license (+taxes +commisions)

    so no... i'm not going to touch that. I love my LibreOffice :)

  • Since the BeanCounter Export project is listed with a public domain license, I have opened the Excel workbook and extracted the VBA code being used to parse the BeanCounter saved variables.

    The full listing is here:

    If I have time later I might review the macro and try to come up with a standalone application which will convert the LUA saved variables to a CSV file... or something.

    @A_Tom: I tend to dislike Microsoft more each passing week, but to be fair you can buy standalone copies of Office 2016 for $150USD. 700 euros is crazy.
  • Still using office 2003, parents still use office 2000. Key to avoiding the price gouging is realizing that new versions don't actually add anything useful for 99% of the users :P

    Don't think those VBA scripts like office 2003 though, just hangs 'not responding' after pointing it to the beancounter.lua backup.
  • @nmb3000 if you check the license of those cheap Office licenses you'll find that it's some type of OEM license - they become tied to the machine hardware where you first activate them... meaning that when the system dies or is scrapped or goes through a major upgrade (new motherboard/cpu)... then your license is dead and you have to buy a new license.

    got sucked into buying one of those cheap Office licenses once, for a system that was donated to us ... about 10 months later the motherboard died and MS didn't want to allow re-activation on the replacement. My boss finally understood then the difference between oem and fpp/volume.
  • This is disappointing to say the least. I have 9 years worth of history here which I don't want to lose. I've kept backups anyway so I'll get my data back and extract it to something else.

    I don't see why you couldn't have converted most - if not all - of non-gear items to the new format. There are many of us who sell more than just gear, and personally I would have preferred some history over no history.

    A large part of the reason I have continued to use Auctioneer was because of BeanCounter's history.

    I really do appreciate all the work that has gone in to Auctioneer over the years but it has often become a bloated mess with frequent and lengthy release delays compared to the majority of other WoW addons.

    I fully appreciate you are all volunteers who do this for nothing and for that I am eternally grateful - but without BeanCounter's history I can use one of the other Auction House addons and know that I will be able to use it on expansion/patch release days.

    Thanks for everything everyone has done for this addon over the years.
  • We're sorry k84, but it wasn't viable. ccox spent hours on it trying to make it work. Years of Beancounter data isn't as useful as you might think though. Prices change completely over time, especially every expansion. It doesn't make sense to keep the data that long regardless of the technical problems.
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