Non-swatter errors when trying to buy
  • I'm currently getting a few errors when trying to buy things and was wondering if other people were seeing them.
    They don't come up on screen, only in the text window.

    Cancelling bid: 2 link does not match

    I can't remember this one exactly but
    Cancelling bid: Cannot retrieve data for item [item name]
  • i think these also (probably) happen because of the new CRZ sharding system.. basically you got phased to another back-end server and your AH window has been disconnected from the server data source even if the window itself remains open.
    closing and re-opening the AH window will re-establish the data link.
  • Interesting. Hmmm. Since I'm buying them through the search interface they are removed from the list after failure and I can't necessarily refind them...
  • also... since the demon invasions started you'll find yourself randomly in combat mode while sitting in AH and not even tagged as PVP... THAT will throw lua errors in a LOT of addons that don't expect you to enter combat while having the AH window opened or doing nothing to initiate combat.
  • 'Cannot retrieve data for item' is being worked on. I've got some code partially working, but realized a potential flaw that needs more work.

    'link does not match' isn't supposed to happen, as there should have been an even to tell us the selected item got changed - as A_Tom says, this is likely due to sharding, i.e. the client gets out of sync when you get sharded to another server. Hopefully Blizzard are working on this...
  • Blizzard really needs to just fix the 'Cannot retrieve data for item' on their end. Having every mod create their own item cache is just not a good solution.
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