No error message just something I noticed.
  • Thank you for this most recent release. I have been able to get my auctions back up.

    Late last night I was looking to resupply my leather-worker with some exotic leather, to learn all the recipes, and i noticed that the % on the far right of the screen was way off. Luckily I knew that a ratio of 2g to 1 leather was cheaper than 3g to 1 leather. I normally use that % a lot to help me with my buying. I felt you guys needed to know.
  • i have that too, the problem is that the bid/each and buy/each columns keep getting shifted almost all the way to the right... i keep dragging the columns (right click on header + drag them) in proper place (i like to have them just after the stack size column) but the column order keeps getting reset almost every time i login... i gave up trying to move them.

    The same bug with the columns resetting their order also happened at the end of Pandaria when the preview releases for Draenor were just launched... so i'd tag this issue as a regression... hopefully they will fix it again, eventually.
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