r5659 feedback
  • big problem:
    got stuck in an infinite partial scanning loop

    i ran a full page-by-page scan of the AH, reloaded UI to clear the silly Blizzard errors and then i searched the scan results in Buy mode, queued about 10 items to buy and then, without actually buying them yet, i searched in Bid mode and queued about 50 more items to bid on.

    the infinite partial scanning loop started to happen when i started to process the buy/bid queued actions, after buying a few items i discovered it wasn't stopping scanning anymore.

    i suspect some of the items i'm trying to Bid on are also in the list of items to Buy... but the changes with queue re-ordering and re-inserting items in r5659 cause this infinite item search and re-queue loop to happen

  • I think I see what might cause that. Working on it...
  • Getting stuck in endless loops where Auctioneer can't find the specified item:

    Auctioneer: Queueing Bid of [Item xxx] from seller xxx for xxx
    Auctioneer: Unable to find item info for [Item xxx] at this time, will try again
  • Similar response here:
    Queueing Buyout of [XY] from seller for X XX XX
    Unable to buy [XY] Unable to retrieve info for this item
  • Already fixed in latest update
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