Scans stopping
  • I'm not entirely sure where to post this, but I have had some problems with the scan's in build 7.0.5659 stopping/pausing mid scan. It still looks as if it scans, except the timer doesn't change and neither does the "page". I had the problem with the previous build as well, but took that to be a thing to be fixed. I have been able to fix it, by running away from the auctioneer-NPC, and return shortly after, which will make the scan continue from where it had paused. I have yet to determine, if it is a solution I can use at all times.
  • that sounds like an usual crz/sharding issue...

    it also happened to me in Draenor times a LOT in Garrison with all building NPCs becoming non-responsive (any random interactive NPC can bug out like this, but not all at the same time)... and the same solution worked with them too.. walk 20 feet away and return.
    Another solution is talk to another nearby NPC.

    probably it's a general open world instance-related issue.
  • That may be it, but I just never had it before so considered it might have something to do with this mod :-)
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